Deep Sea Fishing Party Boat in Destin

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Embark on an unforgettable offshore fishing adventure with the friendly folks at Olin Marler Charters. Party boat fishing provides anglers with the unique opportunity to cast, converse, and learn from fellow fishermen from all across the country. The experienced captain and crew will help you every step of the way, including filleting your catch so you can bring home dinner! Reel in this fishing deal today with a Destin legend!

Activity Highlights

  • Catch and keep an assortment of popular reef fish including snapper & grouper
  • Expert Captain and Crew help with baiting lines, removing fish, and equipment
  • 65 ft. walk around boat with bathrooms and A/C cabin
  • Olin Marler Charters is Destin's longest running charter boat operator

What's Included

  • Bait & Tackle
  • Fishing License
  • Instruction
  • Fish filleting

What to bring

  • Wash cloths
  • Hat or visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Small cooler with ice, food, and drinks
  • Camera


  • This trip is not recommended for children under 7.
  • Expectant mothers or persons with disabilities must consult their physician prior to booking.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Trips must receive at least 15 participants to depart.
  • Glass bottles or other glass items are not permitted on the boat.
  • GPS devices are not permitted on the boat.
  • Certain fish species are seasonal and require size limits to keep.

Additional information

  • Parking available on-site for a fee.
  • The crew will fillet and bag any fish that the customer catches on the trip that meets regulation and is in season. Please tip the crew appropriately for all the hard work they do on the trip.
  • Boats are U.S. Coast Guard approved up to 42 passengers, but the size of the trip will vary based captains discretion (usually 30-35).
  • If you suffer from back or shoulder pain, please consult with a physician before booking as the use of the fishing pole can be strenuous at times.
  • Your travel time will be 1-2 hours depending on the length of the trip.
  • The boat will sometimes experience movement and those who are prone to motion sickness are asked to take preventative measures.
  • Handicap services are available, please call us when the reservation is booked for proper assistance. In some cases, we are able to accommodate handicap customers.
  • If the weather or the Gulf is unfavorable for fishing, the trip will be rescheduled or refunded. If the trip is cut short due to weather conditions, the trip will be prorated.

Is your target species in season? ( Check for more info!

Types of Fishing

Bottom Fishing: The most common way of fishing techniques, used to catch fish that are found near the sea floor. Each paid person will receive their own rod and reel.

Check the ticket descriptions to see what type of fish you are likely to catch on each trip.

Cancellation policy

Customer must cancel 72 hour prior to the trip time in order to receive a full refund minus a $5 fee. Cancellations received less than 72 hours prior to trip time will not be eligible for a refund by the vendor. If the captain declares that the trip be cancelled (weather, rough seas etc..), vendor will attempt to reschedule to the most convenient day possible. If the trip cannot be rescheduled, the full amount of the trip will be refunded to the customer. No refunds for no shows! Trips will require a minimum of 15 passengers to depart. Any changes to the reservation are at the discretion of the charter company and additional charges may apply. You will not always fish in calm conditions! Please inquire with staff prior to arrival to verify sea conditions and what's in season for fishing. No refunds will be given once the customer boards the boat.

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Review of Deep Sea Fishing Party Boat in Destin

  • Vernon Prestwood Alabama, USA May 19 2019 04:44pm

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review

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  • Calvin Jordan USA about 6 months ago

    Rude crew

    I would not use this charter if this is your first time deep sea fishing. They do not have the patience to work with first timers. My daughter got her line crossed with someone at the end of the boat. As she was trying to tighten her line the crew member gets a hook in his finger and starts cursing at her. Which led to an argument between me and him. As we are arguing no one on the crew ever intervened as an employee is yelling at a customer nor did they say anything about him cursing at a 16 year old girl. The one positive thing I will say is that we caught fish.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Tom Flanigan Alabama, USA about 6 months ago

    Fishing trip

    Rough seas,storm moved in and did not get alot of fishing done. Only 4 fish caught out of like 30 people. Not at all a good experience whatsoever.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Kevin Wheeler Alabama, USA about 7 months ago

    3 hour boat ride with 1 hour of fishing

    I am an experienced at party boat fishing. The crew were nice and hard working. However the boat was crowded. Originally I was told they typically book 15 people. On the 65 foot boat, there were around 30. This led to a lot of tangled lines. The Captain seemed inexperienced. He kept moving around to different spots. Sometimes only spending 5 - 10 minutes in a spot, even when several of us were catching. While drifting he would often rotate the boat while the lines were in the water causing tangled lines. We were never really told the depth where the fish were so we were just fishing the bottom hoping to get a bite instead of reeling up to where the fish were. Overall the experience was just ok.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Bryon Goad Alabama, USA about 7 months ago

    No fun this year

    Crew was rude. Had assigned seats with no pole when it came time to fish. Ran out of bait. This is our forth or maybe fifth year with this company. It will be our last. To top it off the crew came around the boat n begged for tips.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Amy Cranow USA about 7 months ago

    Unfriendly Crew

    I love to fish whether I actually catch fish or not, so this post isn’t about catching fish. The captain was very gruff and unfriendly. The crew didn’t speak to you unless you spoke directly to them or the were providing instructions to everyone on the boat. Several people on the boat got sick but I expected that due to the rough water. I would go on another charter but not this one. As a paying customer, I expect a bit more customer service. Even a smile goes a long way, and none of the crew were smiling.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Douglas McKitrick USA about 7 months ago


    Too many people on the boat, every other cast got tangled up with 2 or 3 others lines. Crew not very customer oriented or friendly. Two hours fishing,two hours travel. Outdated equipment,very few fish caught. Was not given proof of fishing license issued to passengers. Saw no life Jackets on board nor safety equipment either. Crap shoot of a trip

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Angela Polete USA about 7 months ago


    So I overheard the deckhand ask the captain “are you sure we are going out in this?” To which he replied “yep”. 32 people on board and 11 got seasick due to 6’+ swells. The captain canceled the second outing after we got back, that’s how bad it was. While people were throwing up, one of the deckhands say “I ain’t never seen this many casualties before”. Not to mention they smoked cigarettes nonstop which increased the nausea. 6 hours and only 4 fish per person. Totally not worth it.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Rick Wingate USA about 7 months ago


    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Brad Pletcher Alabama, USA about 8 months ago

    The deck hands took fish and gave them away.

    Fishing was so so but the end is was very wrong by your guys giving fish away that was caught by my party, even when we showed him in a picture with my party holding the fish up he still refused to give us our fish. But told us we didn’t catch that many and only wanted to give us 5-7 fish. But was told to come back the next day and they would make it right. Now how can that be if they didn’t plan on taking someone else fish. Bad business that they practice.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
  • Leon Jones Alabama, USA about 8 months ago

    Bad spots

    Caught one snapper while Captain's friends and regulars caught mine and my brother's and other people's limits for themselves. I guess it would have been the same if I would have caught them but I didn't so there. Never will I book with this company again.

    Verified TripShock! Traveler Review
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