5 Kid-Friendly Wildlife Encounters in Panama City Beach, FL

There are few places that bring families closer to marine life than Panama City Beach, Florida! From the sea to the sky, there are plenty of exciting opportunities to interact with wildlife while vacationing in this popular beach town. The best part about Panama City Beach marine life encounters is that it's an all ages activity! Give children an experience of a lifetime with one of the following 5 kid-friendly wildlife encounters in Panama City Beach, FL!

Gulf World

kid friendly aquarium panama city beach
The most direct way to view and interact with animals in Panama City Beach is by spending a day at "Gulf World"! This marine park and aquarium plays host to dozens of both native and exotic animal species. Dolphins, sea lions, alligators, stingrays, sharks, penguins, and more exciting wild animals are featured at the park, with certified animal experts holding demonstrations including dolphin and sea lion shows! The "Stingray Bay" petting pool is open all day, and with plenty of things to do both inside and outside, Gulf World makes for a perfect rainy day family activity in Panama City Beach. Concerts, magic shows, and even more special events take place at Gulf World year round, and plenty of combination ticket packages are available to save money on the many things to do at the marine park!

For discounted ticket rates and additional info please visit Panama City Beach Gulf World Marine Park at tripshock.com.

Shell Island Dolphin Encounters

Dolphins are the most intelligent and stunningly beautiful creatures in our oceans, and until recently, the chance to swim with these gentle creatures was reserved for only a small group of privileged individuals. But new and innovative tour companies are now able to provide guests with fun and affordable dolphin encounters in Panama City Beach! With high marks in customer satisfaction, and reviews calling these excursions "better than ever imagined" and "one of the most awesome experiences of my life", it's safe to say local tour companies have figured out how to craft meaningful human/dolphin encounters in the wild. Dolphin tour companies tout a 99% average success rate when searching for dolphins in the Gulf, and some excursions even bring along an experienced marine biologist to educate participants on marine life. Panama City Beach dolphin swim tours almost exclusively take place at the famous "Shell Island" across Grand Lagoon, but vary greatly in departure times, tour lengths, and overall procedures. For a list of the top dolphin swim tours in Panama City Beach, visit Shell Island Dolphin Encounters online.

swim with dolphins panama city beach

Head into the Emerald Green water of Panama City Beach and encounter animals on your own time! Check out dozens of exciting water activities in Panama City Beach, FL!

Family Beach Day

The beach is a fun and free way to experience nature firsthand. Panama City Beach, Florida is part of the "Emerald Coast" chain of Florida beaches. There is no place better for spotting marine life than the powdery white-sand beaches and emerald-clear waters of the Emerald Coast. It's not uncommon to see fish swimming in the Gulf wake, or the occasional dolphin or sea turtle popping up to say hello. After the sun sets, grab a bucket, net, and flashlight for some good ole' fashioned crab hunting! Ghost crabs invade the beach at night, creating an activity that is a favorite among young families.

Crab hunting is easy! Walk the beach at night and you're sure to encounter small white crabs scurrying across the sand. Send the kids chasing with a net in hand and see how many little crustaceans they can catch before the night is over!

Kid-Friendly Snorkeling

panama city beach kid friendly snorkeling
Let experienced tour guides lead you to first-hand encounters with incredible marine life! Snorkel tours place guests at reefs, wrecks, or anywhere sea-life is brewing. For those that haven't snorkeled before, it's as easy as wading in the water, and with a crash course in equipment use, anyone can enjoy this extreme tour! Sea turtles, stingrays, dolphins, and schools of exotic fish fill the water providing lasting memories of a successful Panama City Beach vacation. Snorkel gear is typically included on trips, and this is a perfect tour for the whole family from small children to grandparents! For more info on Panama City Beach kid-friendly snorkel tours, check out Panama City Beach snorkel trips online at tripshock.com

Head to the Pier

The action at one of Panama City Beach's many fishing piers never stops! From morning til night, experience amazing fishing and views, with the biggest docks stretching 1500ft into the Gulf of Mexico! Choose to grab a pole and fish, or go as a spectator checking out the days catches ranging from sheepshead to wall-worthy sailfish! Admission to a pier in Panama City Beach is either free or inexpensive, and most piers offer snacks and drinks as well as fishing rentals and supplies.

Panama City Beach fishing piers include: Russell-Fields Pier, M.B. Miller Pier, St. Andrews State Park Gulf Side Pier, St. Andrews State Park Grand Lagoon Pier


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Published Aug 23 2015
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