5 Plantations to Visit in New Orleans with Stunningly Scenic Views

The Louisiana countryside is known for ancient swampland's resonating majestic beauty. Vibrant green landscapes accentuated by wild hanging moss and twisting vines plays as the perfect backdrop to weddings, famous artwork, and some of our favorite Hollywood movies. While searching out things to do in New Orleans, why not immerse yourself in the beauty of New Orleans Plantation Country? Keep reading for 5 Plantations to Visit in New Orleans with Stunningly Scenic Views!

Oak Alley Plantation

oak alley plantation

Upon entering Oak Alley Plantation, visitors can see why the historic mansion has been the backdrop to major TV shows and blockbuster films. A row of 28 towering Oak Trees greet guests in the most grandiose of ways! Continue towards the massive home with views of extravagantly vibrant shrubbery and other-worldly Cypress trees in the distance. The home itself is packed-full of history, with an on-site snack bar and ice cream parlor.

Oak Alley Plantation offers one of the top New Orleans Plantation Tours in New Orleans Plantation Country. Book an Oak Alley Plantation Tour on your next visit!

San Francisco Plantation

san francisco plantation

Venture into the most eclectic Plantation Country mansion of them all at San Francisco Plantation. Described as the "Layer Cake" Plantation, San Francisco is surrounded by centuries-old oak trees and natural southern shrubbery. Ornate and historic on-site architecture, buildings, and decor featuring an extravagant fountain fish-tank. Tours of San Francisco Plantation, otherwise known as the "Grand Mansion", take you through the estate including the well-kept grounds, home to hundreds of weddings, festivals, and special events every year!

Evergreen Plantation

evergreen plantation tour

The spiral staircase of Evergreen Plantation exhumes the elegance and class of Plantation Road estates. Evergreen has been awarded exceptional landmark status for its agricultural acreage, With 100 200-year old live oaks on property and historic slave cabins and structures still in tact from an 1832 remodel. Well manicured and expertly sculpted plants, shrubbery, and flowers surround the Plantation Home, creating a picture-perfect estate straight out of the 19th century.

Houmas House Plantation

houmas house plantation tours

38 acres of lush garden make Houmas House Plantation a favorite for wedding celebrations and special events! Plants are re-planted as seasons change, maintaining a vibrant grounds that will leave visitors in awe. Once an estate that reached over 1,000 acres, Houmas House Plantation is not quite as large as it once was, but with consistent restorations throughout a 200 year history, guests can be assured that the mansion and surrounding greens, gardens, and structures are still as lovely as they were at conception. Houmas House Plantation Tours take sightseers through the home, structures, and surrounding property offering stunning views of New Orleans Plantation Countryside. Top rated on-site restaurants including the fine dining "Latil's Landing", and the low-key "Cafe Burnside" only add to the reasons why Houmas House Plantation is definitely one of the top plantations to visit in New Orleans!

Destrehan Plantation

destrehan plantation tours

Destrehan Plantation is recorded as the oldest Colonial Plantation home in New Orleans Plantation Country. The infamous landmark has seen its share of legendary guests including the pirate Jean Lafitte, and more recently Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise during the filming of "Interview With a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles". The Grounds are stacked with historic buildings and moss-covered oaks playing up the antiquated atmosphere of the estate. Close by rests the ancient Manchac Swamp, a must-see stop for natural scenery. Destrehan Plantation Tours are available online along with combined trips to the Manchac Swamp, book yours today!

Published Dec 31 2015
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