Emerald Coast Quiz - "How Well Do You Know Miramar Beach, Florida"

Known for beautiful beaches and world-class shopping, Miramar Beach, Florida is considered one of the top beach communities on the Gulf Coast. Some aspects of Miramar Beach history and culture are shrouded in mystery, but what we do know is that it is an up-and-coming beach vacation destination with plenty of fun things to do. Test your Miramar Beach knowledge with the "How Well Do You Know Miramar Beach, Florida" quiz!

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How Well Do You Know Miramar Beach, FL

Choose the best answer for each question, and at the end you'll find out how much you really know about Miramar Beach, FL!

  1. What is the name of the popular outlet mall found in Miramar Beach?

  2. White Beach
    Emerald Waves
    Silver Sands

  3. Which body of water borders Miramar Beach to the north?

  4. The Gulf of Mexico
    Choctawhatchee Bay
    Redfish Bay

  5. The Village of Baytowne Wharf is located within which resort community?

  6. Destin Golf and Beach Resort
    Topsail Resort
    Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

  7. Name the beachfront road running through Miramar Beach

  8. Scenic Highway 98
    Scenic Highway 30A
    Holiday Road

  9. Like Miami Beach, is Miramar Beach named for its proximity to Miramar, Florida?

  10. Yes
    There is no Miramar, Florida

  11. How long has it been since The Village of Baytowne Wharf opened to the public?

  12. 13 Years
    22 Years
    7 Years

  13. Miramar Beach is part of which exclusive beach region?

  14. White Sand Coast
    Golden Coast
    Emerald Coast

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How Well Do You Know Miramar Beach?

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  0-2: You're a land-loving tourist

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Published Aug 15 2015
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