Get Creative at Downtown Pensacola's Gallery Night 2017!

The art scene is alive and well in Pensacola, Florida! Between the University of West Florida, the Pensacola Museum of Art, and an art-centric Emerald Coast culture, Pensacola has built a name for itself as one of the top destinations to view stunning artwork from local artists. With so much interest in regional artwork and artists, Downtown Pensacola has established "Gallery Night". This incredible event is held on one Friday a month from April til December, and takes place at multiple locations throughout Downtown Pensacola. Whether you're a P-cola local, or visiting for the fun things to do in Pensacola Beach, make sure to check out Gallery Night!

Where To Go

Gallery Night takes place at dozens of locations through Downtown Pensacola, with new venues hosting various events on a month-to-month basis. Make sure to stop by the Pensacola Museum of Art for live model exhibitions, or the many galleries downtown for guaranteed creative action. The community truly bands together to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for both locals and visitors with businesses of all sorts, from restaurants to credit unions, holding Gallery Night functions.

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What To See

Art, music, food, and more is found at Gallery Night in Pensacola! Former music performers including the popular Pensacola band Continuum have rocked the crowd with dance-able tunes for all ages. Local food vendors offer everything from the best of Pensacola's "foodie" scene, to all-American street foods. The music and cuisine is top notch, but don't forget what makes Gallery Night so special, the ART! Paintings, sketches, sculptures and more are featured throughout the night. Browse eclectic galleries, or watch art-in-action with live displays everywhere you go.

pensacola museum of art gallery night
Painting a live model during Gallery Night at the Pensacola Museum of Art

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Additional "Gallery Night" Info

Gallery Night is free to the public, with limited refreshments offered free of charge by local businesses. Downtown Pensacola's Gallery Night will take place from 4-8pm on the following dates in 2017, with select after parties taking place from 8pm - midnight (dates subject to change):

January 20 | February 17 | March 17 | April 21 | May 19 | June 16 | July 21 | August 18 | September 22 | October 20 | November 17

Published Aug 20 2015
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