What is a Dolphin Tour?

A dolphin tour is a sightseeing activity that allows people to see wild dolphins swim in their natural habitat. There are a few different variations of dolphin tours. Most of the time you will be on a boat that goes into the ocean or bay and searches for dolphins. Sometimes you will be on a jet ski or wave runner which is a newer option for people wanting to add some excitement. Dolphin tours are usually relaxed and the dolphins are very friendly. Dolphins are very curious animals so they can get very close to the boat at times.

Do you usually see real dolphins on a cruise or is it hit and miss?
Most companies who advertise they are a dolphin tour company will almost always find dolphins. Dolphins are curious animals and they are always swimming around close to shore. It’s rare that dolphin cruise boat does not spot dolphins.

What do you normally do on a dolphin cruise other than see dolphins?
A dolphin cruise is more or less a scenic boat tour of the surrounding area. Sit back and relax and take in the sights.

How much should I pay for a dolphin tour?
Most dolphin tours will range anywhere from $15-30 per person. Most tours are about 2 hours long. Children tickets are usually less.

When is the best time to go see dolphins? The best time to go see dolphins is in the early morning or late afternoon. Dolphins prefer quiet waters.


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