What are Airboat Tours?

Airboat tours are a special type of sightseeing tour that involves a boat with a giant vertical fan that powers it. Airboats are popular in areas that have bayous or swamps because they do not have a propeller and can move freely in the heavy vegetation. When you go on an airboat tour, you are most likely going to find alligators, birds and other creatures that live in the swamp. Louisiana and Florida are two states that have been known for offering airboat tours due to their swamp like landscapes.

How many people can typically fit on an airboat?
Most airboats will hold anywhere between 8-16 passengers.

Where are some popular locations for airboats?
The everglades of Florida and swamps of Louisiana are popular locations for airboat tours.

How close to the alligators get to the boat?
Sometimes the alligators can get really close to the boat. Don’t worry, they are usually just curious and not aggressive towards passengers.

Are airboat tours expensive?
Expect to pay around $20/person for an airboat.



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