Speedboat Rentals

Renting a speedboat can be a very exciting activity while traveling. Speedboats can offer many different water sports such as skiing, tubing, wakeboarding and fishing. Speedboats can range in size, type and speed, but most of the rentals you will find are small crafts due to liability concerns. It is important to inspect the speedboats before renting. Speedboats are dangerous machines and should require experience before driving. If the speedboat is jet propelled, you cannot reverse easily so make sure you are going slow when necessary. Since speedboat rentals are used often, they will most likely have more wear and tear. Ask the rental company how new it is and when they were last inspected. No one likes to be stranded!

How much do you typically pay for a speedboat rental?
Speedboat rentals can vary greatly in price, but expect to pay around $200 for 4 hours of use. Some companies may or may not pay for fuel. If you have a gas can available, it may be cheaper to just fill up yourself.

How many people can a small speedboat hold?
The best answer to the question is to call your rental company and find out, but most small speedboats hold around 6-8 people.

What is the difference between an inboard and outboard motor?
An outboard motor is outside the craft. An inboard motor is built more inside the craft and is not easily viewable by looking from the back.

How old do you have to be to drive a speedboat?
It’s best to check with your rental company to find out what the local and state laws are regarding boating. Most states require the driver to be at least 18 years old.

Do you have to pay a security deposit when renting a speedboat?
Yes, you will either put down a cash deposit or a valid credit card. Some companies will only take a credit card so it’s wise to carry one with you.



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