What are Kayak Rentals

A kayak is a small hard-bodied floats very similar to a canoe, but with less open space. A double-sided oar is used to steer in all directions. Kayaks will typically seat two, but are available in single and triple seat fashion. Kayaks have become a very popular recreational water activity due to their low rental fees. Since kayaks require little maintenance and no fuel, they're a wonderful option when cost is a factor.!

Is it hard to steer a kayak?
Steering a kayak is much like steering a canoe and doesn't take long to master. Balancing yourself is probably the trickiest aspect of the learning process, but within minutes, you should get a feel for it and be on your way!

How much do you typically pay to rent a kayak?
As mentioned above, renting a kayak is relatively inexpensive; expect an average price of $10-15 per hour when renting a kayak.

Do I need to wear any special clothing when kayaking?
No, just your typical beach clothes will do. Remember, you're in the water, so be prepared to get wet! It may seem unusual, however, you will find kayaking is easier when you are barefoot!

Is kayaking good for kids?
Kayaks are a great sport for kids; those old enough to ride a bike seem to do better than toddlers. It is always recommended that younger children ride with an adult on the kayaks.


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