What is Snorkeling?

What is Snorkeling?
Snorkeling is a fun recreational activity searching for marine life utilizing diving goggles, a breathing tube and sometimes swim fins. When snorkeling, a person simply floats on top of the water naturally breathing through their air tube while looking at the ocean floor for marine life. Some might even dive down (while holding their breath) to get a closer look. Upon surfacing, simply exhaling hard through the breathing tube will clear it for surface breathing again. Snorkeling differs from scuba diving in that you don't go deeply under water and do not use heavy air tanks using compressed air. Snorkeling is less expensive than scuba diving and great for young and old alike. Most destinations in the south (Mexico, Florida, Bahamas), offer reefs and other beautiful underwater landscapes to snorkel at. Snorkeling is all about exploring and discovering what lies beneath the waves!

When is a good age for children to start snorkeling?
Each company sets its own policies. Check with your company when booking. When children are old enough to hold their breath underwater, they can usually start snorkeling (around age 5 or so).

Is it cheaper to rent the snorkel equipment or buy it?
It’s actually cheaper (sometimes) to buy your own snorkel equipment. Most local stores will carry basic snorkel mask and fins. However, if you are paying to go on a snorkel tour, then you may want to hold off because it’s not any cheaper to bring your own snorkel gear. Besides, you should try some different types of fins and masks before you actually buy.

Can you really see fish and other wildlife when you go snorkeling?
It’s always best to look at some pictures of past snorkeling trips to see what you’ll really see when on a snorkeling trip. Snorkeling companies sometimes use stock images to promote their tours. Check out the reviews and pictures from actual trip takers.

How much does a snorkel tour typically cost?
Expect to pay anywhere from $20-30 to go on a snorkeling trip. Of course, prices vary by destination.

What are some good tips for snorkeling?
Listen to and heed your safety instructor! Always stay in a group and don’t let anyone venture out too far. Try to plan your snorkeling trips around the tides so the water is clear as possible.


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