What is an Alligator Tour?

An alligator tour is a tour that typically involves a boat that travels to areas that are inhabited by alligators. Alligator tours are popular by airboat or swamp boat. You’ll probably find alligator tours popular in Miami and New Orleans since alligators are prominent in the swamps of New Orleans and The everglades near Miami.

Can Alligators jump out of the water and attack?
Technically, the alligators could jump out of the water onto the swamp boats, but this is very rare and usually the alligators are not aggressive unless provoked.

Do you usually see alligators on a tour?
Yes, alligators are very abundant and you shouldn’t have any problem spotting a few alligators on your tour.

How big do American Alligators get?
American alligators can get up to 13 feet in length and sometimes bigger!

Are tours safe for children?
Alligator tours are safe and fun for children. It’s important that parents keep a close eye on their children like any other activity.

When is a good time to go on an alligator tour? It’s always good to go on an alligator tour in the warmer months so you don’t freeze on the boat!


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