What are Museum Tours?

A museum is a place that holds historic and important objects from our past. A museum tour is a live-guided tour throughout a museum. Most tours are done on a group basis and are usually included in the cost of the museum admission. Tour guides at a museum are usually very educated in the subject matter and can offer a very in depth and informative tour.

What do you do on a museum tour?
On a museum tour, the guide will take you for a tour around the museum and talk about the history of the subject matter. Depending on how interactive your tour guide is, he may role play or ask the audience questions. The tour guide has a lot to do with the excitement of the tour.

Are museum tours cheap?
Museum tours are usually cheap and sometimes they don’t cost anything. There are a lot of museums owned by the local government, which take donations rather than charging people

Where are some of the best museums located?
Any major city will have the best museums. This includes New York City, London, and Washington D.C.

Is it better to just explore a museum rather than going on a tour?
It really depends on the person. If you wanted a more in depth history lesson on the subject matter, then a tour guide would be best. If you wanted to learn everything for yourself and have the freedom, then a tour will probably not be good for you.


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