What are Volcano Tours?

Volcano tours are very popular tours in island destinations such as Hawaii, Central America, and the Pacific Islands. These tours involve a little hiking and exploring which is fun for the adventurous traveler. Some volcano tours are more dangerous than others and don’t allow the tourists to get too close. You may have to stay in a car or bus and just take pictures. However, some of the tours in Hawaii let you hike up the volcano and see rock and lava.

Are Volcano tours dangerous?
Volcano tours are pretty safe activities. The tour guides know the areas that are hazardous and do a good job steering clear. It’s always good to go sightseeing with a company that has a good safety record regardless if it’s a volcano tour or not.

How close can you get to the lava?
Most tour guides don’t let the visitors get very close at all. Just by being close to the lava can cause skin irritation and burns. Although, you can sometimes see cooled lava and ash which is interesting.

Are volcano tours expensive?
Volcano tours are typically $50 per person in most cases. It is important to tour with the more reputable companies rather than the cheapest because it can be a dangerous activity.

Where are volcano tours most popular?
Volcano tours are very popular on the Hawaii Islands and the Caribbean.


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