What Is a Cemetery Tour?

A cemetery tour usually takes place in a historic cemetery and talks about the haunted past and it’s people. Cemetery tours are done at both day and night and are very popular tours for travelers. You will find cemetery tours common in cities such as New Orleans, Charleston, St. Augustine and Boston. These cities are known for having paranormal pastimes, which draws thousands of tourists every year.

Are cemetery tours meant to be spooky?
Fort the most part, cemetery tours are mostly about history, but the tour guides like to mix up fact and fiction to make the tour interesting.

How much does a cemetery tour typically cost?
Cemetery tours are typically $15-20 per person and less for children. These are not long tours (approx. 2 hours).

Why are most cemetery tours offered during the day and not at night?
Due to vandalism and loitering, most cemeteries will close at dusk. Therefore, the tours must be conducted during the day.

Why is New Orleans so popular for cemetery tours?
New Orleans is one of the few cities that bury their dead above the ground in tombs. Therefore, the graveyards are very interesting to look at tour through.


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