What is a Movie Tour

A movie tour a variation of your typical sightseeing tour, but you will be seeing scenes from popular movies. There are also movie tours that take you on the actual movie sets, but those tours are not always available. You will find movie tours very popular in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC. Sometimes the tours will be on foot, bike or even a bus/trolley.

Are movie tours fun for kids?
It depends on how old the kids are. Some movie tours are meant for an older audience since kids won’t remember certain movie scenes.

How much does a movie tour cost?
Movie tours usually run about $20-30 per person. Walking tours are usually the cheaper type of movie tours, but you don’t see as much as you would by bus or bike.

Do you see celebrities on movie tours?
Not really. If you’re lucky, an actor may be on set at the studio while on a tour. However, don’t count on meeting any celebrities unless the tour advertises it.

Can you take pictures on movie tours?
Yes, you can take pictures unless otherwise told not to. However, most tours encourage people to take memorable photos!


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