What is a Plantation Tour?

A plantation is an established farm or estate that is known for growing crops or trees. Plantation homes in the south were famous for their architecture and history. Some plantation homes from the early part of the century have been transformed into museums and event locations. Tourists come to plantations to learn about their history and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Where are plantations most popular?
Plantations are most popular in southern states such as Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. New Orleans is best known for their plantations.

What do you do on plantation tours?
Most plantation tours will have a tour guide that takes you around the plantation and speak about its history. Then you will have time to explore and take pictures. Some plantations offer horseback riding and other fun activities.

Are Plantation tours good for kids?
Plantation tours may be food for kids depending on which type of tour it is. Kids tend to like the tours that are self-guided. This way they can explore on their own.

How much does a plantation tour typically cost?
A group plantation tour will typically cost around $20-30 if it’s by foot. Bus tours can range anywhere from $40-60 per person.


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