What is a Shopping Tour?

A shopping tour can be done in two different ways. You can either have a live tour guide or do it self-guided. Most shopping tours are fairly strait forward. Your tour guide will show you the best places to shop at and how the locals do it. You can almost say that your tour guide is a shopping “expert”. Shopping tours are very popular in major cities such as Miami, New York City and Los Angeles.

Do you shop for free on shopping tours?
No, but certain tour guides will pass out coupons or gift cards due to their involvement with certain stores. On self-guided tours, you may receive a coupon book to a number of different stores.

How long are most shopping tours?
On the self-guided tours, you are flexible on how long you want to shop for. Most guided tours are 2-3 hours long. After all, it’s not easy to carry around all the stuff you buy!

Do shopping tours have large groups?
You can expect about 10-15 people in your shopping tour group.

How much does a shopping tour cost?
Expect to pay anywhere from $15-25 for shopping tour in most major cities


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