What is Night Life?

Nightlife can be classified as things you can do at night. This includes bars, clubs and restaurants. Nightclubs are probably one of the most popular forms of nightlife because there is entertainment, cocktails and late hours associated with this activity. Some destinations are well known for their nightlife and create entertainment districts for their visitors. You will find this in cities such as Chicago, New York City, and Miami.

How old do you have to be to enter a club?
Although it’s 21 to drink in the USA, some clubs or bars admit 18 year olds as well. Check with the bar or club management prior to entry so you are not sent away.

How can I choose a good restaurant?
The best way to choose a good restaurant is too use recommendations from your concierge or a local citizen. You can also check out websites like TripAdvisor.com that have a popularity index of the best restaurants based on their reviews and web views.

How can I save money on dining while on vacation?
Always check with your hotel or concierge for savings since they always have coupons available. Also look at purchasing discount dining cards since most companies have them available in major cities. You can purchase them in selected cities on TripShock.com.

What is the type of entertainment at a nightclub?
Usually you’ll be dancing at a nightclub, but sometimes you will see bands, comedians, acrobatics and theatre/skits.



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