What is a Lunch Cruise?

A lunch cruise is defined as a boat ride with a lunch buffet or plated meal. Lunch cruises are common with larger boats that have a high seating capacity. In some destinations, there can be live entertainment or even bingo on these boats.

Is this an upscale activity?
It can be, but it’s typically casual as most lunch restaurants are.

What type of cuisine is served?
It all depends on the destination. For example, if you took a New Orleans lunch cruise, you will most likely be eating Cajun cuisine such as red beans, sausage and gumbo.

Is this a fun activity for kids?
Not necessarily. Lunch cruises are usually laid back and most children want to explore. However, kids love boat rides so it should be ok.

How much can I expect to pay for a lunch cruise?
Lunch cruises will most likely run anywhere between $30-40. Of course, it depends on the cuisine so it may be more or less.



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