What is a Dinner Show?

A dinner show is a type of entertainment where you are served a meal and enjoy a live performance. Dinner shows can vary in the type of performance you get. Some performances are musical and feature a band or solo musician. However, the most popular dinner shows are live theatrical performances with stunts and acrobatics. One of the most popular dinner show in the United States is Medieval Times. This dinner show features horses, jousters, and actors in armor. Most popular destinations offer a dinner show such as Orlando, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.

Do you have to make reservations for dinner shows?
Yes, it is highly recommended you make reservations due to the popularity of dinner shows. Although the dress code may not be as formal with certain dinner shows, the reservation process usually is.

Is alcohol served at dinner shows? Of Course! Alcohol is almost always served at dinner shows unless it’s a kid orientated show.

Can you book dinner show tickets online?
Yes, most dinner shows offer online ticketing. You can book dinner shows right here on TripShock.com for most destinations.

What makes a good dinner show?
A good dinner show will have great service, food and an exciting show. It is best to check out some user reviews before choosing a dinner show (also ask your hotel staff which one they recommend). A good website or commercial can be misleading when making your decision.



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