What is Auto Racing?

The ultimate thrill ride experience. You will experience the thrill of speeds up to 140mph sitting shotgun inside a NASCAR racing car driven by a professional instructor. Different packages are available for an activity like this, some packages include a tutorial by an instructor and you are allowed to drive the car personally.

What can be gained by this experience?
The knowledge in driving a real NASCAR racing vehicle, improved driving line on the track, a great experience and exciting memory of your trip, piloting a 600HP vehicle.

Pricing and packages?
•Ride-along: $98.99+tax. with a driver, three laps, are available on a first come first serve. •Rookie: $448.99+tax. You drive the car, one session on the track. •Kings Experience: $848.99+tax. Personal driving, 2 sessions on the track, 8 laps of power, 10 laps of excitement and more speed; one on one feedback from the crew and instructors. •Experience of a Lifetime: $1289.99+tax. 3 sessions, improve driving line, increased speed, half day driving experience. One on one feedback from crew and instructor.

Drivers must be 18 years of age to participate, passenger in the ride-along must be at least 14 years of age.


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