Banana Boat Rides

Banana Boat Rides
A banana boat is a recreational boat that’s inflatable and towed behind a boat. These rafts can accommodate 3-10 riders . Mostly yellow and shaped like a banana, that is how the watercraft got it’s name.

what kind of safety equipment should be worn?
Riders should always wear lifejackets, during this activity the driver of the boat will often make sharp turns in effort to flip the banana boat.

How safe is this activity for children?
Banana boat rides are safe enough for riders 4 and up, life vests are worn, and the driver will not attempt to flip the raft if advised.

What is the general cost of this excursion?
Prices can vary from company to company. $20-$40 per person + tax.

How long can I expect to ride for?
Times are depending on the provider and go for 30min+



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