What is a Beach Photography Session?

Beach photography is a great family experience or for a special occasion.

Am I allowed to pick where the photographs will be taken?
Photographers will let you pick the area and many packages are available for all budgets. Sunset and Sunrise are available by most companies, though there may be an extra cost depending on the photographer.

Is this a good family activity?
This is a great way to remember your vacation with your family and capture the beautiful ocean scene with the ones you love for years to come. Great gift idea as well.

What is good to wear to a photography session?
Formal wear is recommended, but it’s at the digression of the client.

What does it typically cost?
The cost is varied from company to company, and the types of packages they offer. Sessions can range from $100-500 and up. Packages can be customized with the photographer if you’d like additional prints, for an additional price.

What if the weather is unfavorable?
If the weather turns bad and it’s favorable the photographer will reschedule for a later date or a refund will be issued.



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