What is a Bicycle Rental?

A bike rental business is a bike shop or other business that rents bikes for periods of time (usually for a few hours) for a price. Most rentals are provided by bicycle shops on the side to their main businesses of sales and service, but some shops specialize in renting.

Who rents bicycles? Just Tourists?
Like with car rental, bike rental shops mainly serve people who don't have access to a vehicle, want to save gas, or want to experience the outdoors, typically travelers and particularly tourists.

Where can I find a bicycle rental shop?
Specialized bike rental shops typically operate at beaches, parks, or other locations that tourists are abundant. The fees are set to encourage renting the bikes for a few hours at a time, rarely more than a day.

How much can I expect to pay for a bicycle rental?
You can expect to pay between $20.00 a day, or up to $50.00 plus tax for a 5 day rental, depending on the company.

Are there different types of bicycle rentals?
Yes, there are different types of bicycles, Standard, premium multi speed, and cruisers. There are also tours you can take on bicycles. Depending on the type of bike you rent will affect the price significantly.



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