What is Catering?

Catering provides foodservice at a location such as a home, business, party, outdoors, or any such environment where an event is being held.

How much can I expect to spend?
There are different types of catering, and depending on the type you choose and the amount of guests price is affected accordingly.

Types of Catering
Mobile catering: Food is served from a vehicle or a cart, this type is common at concerts, outdoor events, and work places. Event catering: Can be as simple as a box-lunch to full-service with a wait staff and dining tables or a self-serve buffet. Caterer may choose to prepare the food on site or bring the food already prepared and finish on site.
Time line may be used in this event •Rental time •Staff arrival time •Time the bar is opened •Time the meal is served •Time the bar closes •Rental pickup time •Out-Of-Venue time

Boxed Lunch Catering: Box lunch consist of a sandwich, fruit, chips and dessert. Usually it’s prepared by a caterer and dropped off to the location where the client has specified. This is strictly a drop-off service and offers no wait staff or cleanup. Varieties of sandwiches are often offered.

Caterers are found in your local telephone directory or via web.


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