What is a Cooking Class?

If you don’t know how to cook, you and your significant other are looking to try something new, or are wanting to learn something extra a cooking class is a great activity.

What do you do in a cooking class?
In a cooking class an instructor that is accredited will guide you through prep, preparing a few dishes, and plating. The instructor will guide you through the process of preparing the ingredients that will be used for each dish, and getting them ready for the cooking process. Once prepping is finished then the chef gives you first hand guiding on the cooking process and further explains the rest of the lesson plan. Once the food has finished cooking you may be shown how to plate and garnish your finished product. Upon completion you get to eat the meal you prepared and partake in the pleasure of knowing you prepared and completed.

How much can I expect to pay for this activity?
Prices vary depending on the service provided and allotted time. You can possibly pay from $100+ per person.


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