Fishing Boat Rentals

Fishing boat rentals are usually available in most destinations that offer lake, river or ocean access. The type of boat you will rent can vary, but almost any boat will work for fishing. A pontoon boat could be great for families or large parties because it offers space to relax, but it cannot maneuver like a deck boat can. Some of the serious fishermen will get a center console or deck boat with a trolling motor. This type of boat can travel out into heavier seas and also can maneuver in tight areas that are hard to get too. When people travel, they like to bring their own tackle and gear and renting a fishing boat is a great way to be your own captain for the day.

Do you need a license when renting a fishing boat or pontoon?
Depending on which state you are in, you may be required to have a valid drivers license or a state boaters license. It is best to check with the rental company before booking to make sure you are eligible to rent the boat.

Is fuel typically included in the rental cost?
Fuel is usually included in the rental cost, but sometimes it is not. If fuel is not included, ask how much they charge per gallon. It may be cheaper to buy a gas can and fill it up yourself.

What happens if I damage the boat? Most rental companies will have your information on file along with a copy of your credit card. If you damage the boat, expect to pay for the damages. You also sign a medical release that indemnifies the rental company so you can’t sue them.

How do I know where to go fishing?
This is why some people charter a boat instead of renting. How do you know where to catch fish? The best advice is to check out a local bait and tackle shop or go online to find some assistance. Hopefully you will find some good tips on where to go.



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