What is a Personal Chef?

If you’re looking to have your meals prepared for you, and don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home then a personal chef is for you. Personal Chefs will prepare a meal for you based on what you need or personal preference.

Types of Personal Chefs
Packaged Meal Service: Meals prepared and packaged, then refrigerated or frozen for later enjoyment. Meal planning and budget planning are utilized by busy families who want nutritious and tasty meals for their family. Dinner Party/Other Special Occasion: Menu and budget are arranged by the chef and client. Shopping, prepping, cooking and cleanup are done by the chef. (All must be done in clients home or in kitchen that has passed health inspection)

Payment is done by either an expense account (if the client is frequent, or familiar), or deposit after given approval. Cost of the chef’s services and gratuity are not included in this.

Personal Chef’s are distinct from a Private Chef; which refers to a chef who is employed soley by the client and may even live in the home.


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