What is a pottery studio?

A pottery Studio offers a wide variety of ceramic pieces that have not been painted, glazed, or fired. This is a do-it-yourself activity. This type of activity is fun for all ages and allows you to create a memorable piece of art that you can take with you and cherish.

How long does the process take?
The process will take, from start to finish, 1-3 days. You must first paint your piece, then the studio will glaze it for you and then fire it (It is stuck into an oven to bake the glaze onto the piece, to give it a shiny look and doesn’t allow the paint to wear off or fade).

What if I won’t be in the area to receive my art?
The company will ship it to you if you will not be available to pick it up, for a small fee.

How much would I expect to pay?
Some places will charge by the type of piece and the size of it. Some offer packages that can start at $24.99 and up.


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