What is a scooter rental?

When you rent a scooter you are getting a 50cc motor, and the ability to cruise scenic roads under 35mph, or sidewalks with little effort compared to a bicycle. Most places do not require a motorcycle endorsement to operate a scooter.

How much for delivery?
A lot of companies will provide free delivery and pickup and a free single tank of gas.

Why is this a good form of travel?
This Is an easier form of transportation and you don’t have to fight the traffic while on vacation, or deal with jammed parking lots.

How much will I pay for a scooter?
Prices vary from company to company, they charge a daily fee, hourly, or weekly rates. As little as $80.00 for 8 hours, and over $100.00 for over night use. Weekly rates get more expensive, and depending on the type of scooter or how new they are. Some weekly (5 day rentals) go for $380.00 and up.



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