What is Shark Fishing?

Shark fishing runs March through October of every year.

What times do these trips run?
Most trips are run at night, but some are offered, depending on the company, from 7am-3pm. It’s best to do this activity for at least 6 hours. The longer the trip, the further you go and and the more time you have for finding the sharks. This can be an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! Think of the fish stories!

How much can I expect to pay for this type of trip?
To go shark fishing you will need to rent a boat privately, it’s rare there are group shark fishing trips. To rent a boat you will expect to pay $600+ or more, factors to include: the size of the boat, the duration, and gratuity.

What is included with the trip?
When you purchase a Shark Fishing trip you will be given the tackle, bait, and license; an experience crew to help you and give you instructions. Gratuity for the mates is not included, nor is food, r drinks and a cooler.

What types of shark will be be after?
Bull, black tip and hammerhead will be targeted.


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