What is Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is one of the fastest growing segments in saltwater fishing. Kayak fishing is somewhat self-explanatory because you are fishing out of a kayak. However, the basic kayak has been modified so that anglers can reel in large fish and store them. In addition, you will be using pedals to maneuver the boat instead of oars so that your hands can concentrate on the rod and reel. In some fishing destinations, you will even find kayak fishing guides that can take you out on private charters and show you were the big fish lurk. Kayak fishing is a great exercise, but it’s not recommended for small children or inexperienced fisherman.

How does the kayak remain afloat when reeling in a heavy fish?
The kayaks are balanced with support floats on each side. This keeps the kayak from sinking when reeling in large fish.

Is kayak fishing something you have to practice at?
Kayak fishing takes a little practice to get the coordination down, but it’s manageable. After your first couple trips, it’s very easy to get used too.

Is it easy to fish in a regular kayak?
Since fishing kayaks are still a niche market, not many rental companies offer them. It is very hard to fish out of a regular 2 seater kayak. There are no holes for your fishing poles or a place to put your tackle and gear. It is not suggested to fish from a regular ocean kayak.

Why not rent a boat instead of a kayak?
Some people enjoy the exercise and the challenge of fishing on a kayak. It’s also less expensive because there is no fuel or boat upkeep involved.

How much can I expect to pay for a kayak guide?
Most kayak guides will charge $150-200 for a 4 hour charter. If you have your own tackle and gear, it could be even less.


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