What is a water park?

A water park is an amusement park that is made up of water attractions, such as water slides, splash areas, spray areas, lazy rivers, or other recreational swimming, and barefoot environments. Water parks in most states of development may also have with some type of artificial surfing or body boarding attractions such as a wave pool or a surf pool.

Types of Water Parks?
There are a few types of water parks around the country, and in other countries.
When you think of a water park, do you think of sunshine and being in the outdoors? Well there are indoor water parks! If you’re worried about getting rained out then these are for you! Mostly resort hotels offer indoor water parks.
Aside from indoor, there is the traditional outdoor, where you get to enjoy the refreshing air, warm sun, and all the elements. Some water parks are spa oriented, those are found in Europe and feature steam rooms, saunas, relaxation water play areas.

How much can you expect to pay?
Prices vary depending on the popularity of a park and attractions. They can range from $35.99 Per adult and up.


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