What is Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a recreational activity that allows someone to dive for an extended period of time. Each scuba diver will typically wear a special suit (aka wet suit) that will hold oxygen tanks so that the diver can breathe freely underwater. Some other accessories a scuba diver will wear include a scuba mask and fins. Most people who scuba dive are certified. This means that they have taken a course that shows them how to use their equipment and the do’s and don’ts of the activity. Any reputable company will not take out inexperienced divers without a certification. Some of the places that people scuba dive are sunken ships and coral reefs.

Is scuba diving an expensive activity?
Yes, scuba diving is not something you can do on a budget. The equipment alone is not cheap to buy or even rent. For a dive tour, it is not uncommon to pay $100 or more.

How old do you have to be to scuba?
It is recommended that young children do not scuba dive (5 and under). The pressure of being under water is not healthy for kids. Some scuba companies offer beginner scuba classes for kids that teach them the basics and let them dive in shallow water.

Is scuba diving a dangerous activity?
Scuba diving can be dangerous if you do not use the proper gear or hire an inexperienced guide. When you are exploring an undersea wreck, you have to know what the safe and dangerous areas are. Most of the time you will get a briefing before the dive.

Do sharks and other dangerous creatures get close to you?
Yes, sharks will sometimes get really close to the divers. However, sharks are not violent unless provoked. The instructors tell divers not to wear flashy jewelry because it could resemble fish scales in the water. It is still not a good idea to swim in shark-infested waters, but it is rare that a shark will attack a diver.

How do I become a certified diver?
Any scuba shop will know how to get certified. If you get certified in a foreign location (i.e. Bahamas or Mexico), there is a good chance it is universal and can be used in the USA. Certification comprises of in room classes as well as diving lessons in shallow and deep water.


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